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Who We Are

The Global Summit’s vision of “seeding” efforts globally has established for it a role in

the Great Commission of encouraging partnerships and then bringing leaders together

to network for those partnerships to grow and develop. As a result, the partnerships

take on a life of their own, which allows for the freedom necessary to develop in their

own timing.

Since 1984, Matthew Parker’s networking relationships with authors, banks, churches,

colleges, conferences, foundations, health agencies, mission groups, nonprofits,

trainers, and volunteers have touched more than 10 million people. As a result $50

million in revenues and many initiatives have been started.

Also, Summit attendees, along with other African American authors, have been signed

with major publishing companies. More than 400 such authors have signed with these

companies since 1985, including Parker Books; Harvest House; InterVarsity Press;

Kregel Publications; Moody Publishers; NavPress; Discovery House; Thomas Nelson;

Tyndale House; Urban Ministries, Inc.; and Zondervan.

Global Summit Purpose

To play a role with leaders who are making disciples across the globe.

Global Summit Goal

To equip leaders who can train, network, and resource future leaders.

Global Summit Objective

To serve leaders by providing a vehicle for networking, training, and technical assistance--that is, leaders who have been called by God, commissioned by Jesus Christ, and enabled by the authority of the

Holy Spirit.

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