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Our Vision


The Global Summit, a ministry of The Institute for Black Family Development, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, is the vehicle to provide training, technical assistance, and resource materials to more than 200 leaders in the United States who are serving in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. The organization’s vision of “seeding” efforts has established for it a role in the Great Commission of encouraged partnerships and then brings leaders together to network for that partnership to grow and develop. As a result, the partnerships take on a life of their own, which allows for the freedom necessary to develop in their own timing. The Mission is to provide a vehicle for networking and building relationships.

Our Mission



To identify, develop and equip global leaders to serve children, youth, adults

and families through training on leadership development, networking, technical assistance, resource materials, sharing best practices and lessons learned.


Our Core Value



The role and responsibility of global leaders in reaching the globe for Christ has its foundation in Matthew 28:16-20, Acts 13:1 and Acts 17:26, which means they have been called by God, commissioned by Jesus Christ and enabled by the authority of the Holy Spirit.

Equipping Global


Our Background



In the Fall of 1981, Matthew Parker was a part-time instructor at William Tyndale College in Farmington Hills, Michigan. During the Fall of 1982, Parker led the launching, under the auspices of William Tyndale, of the Urban Studies Associate of Arts Degree with 17 students who received scholarships funded by Highland Park Baptist Church, Ward Evangelical Presbyterian Church and World Vision that covered one-half of their tuition costs. By 1984, Parker was the Director of Urban Ministry Programs for William Tyndale.

In June of 1984, the Urban Ministry Programs Department hosted The Summit on Black Church Development. The Planning Committee members were Dr. John Perkins, Founder, Christian Community Development Association and Mendenhall Ministries; Pastor Haman Cross, Jr., Rosedale Park Baptist Church; Charles Oliver, Retired Pastor, Elim Baptist Church; Pastor Joseph White (deceased), Mt. Lebanon-Strathmoor Church; Judge Gerswin Drain; and Bishop Charles Middleton, Pastor Mt. Zion New Covenant Church of Detroit.


Since 1984, Parker’s networking relationships with authors, banks, churches, colleges, conferences, foundations, health agencies, mission groups, non-profits, trainers and volunteers have touched more than 10 million people. The result has been the generation of more than $50 million in revenues, in-kind contributions, and resources; and the launching of and 40 faith-based initiatives.

In addition, attendees, along with other African American authors, have been signed with major publishing companies. More than 400 such authors have signed with these companies since 1985, including Baker Books; Harvest House; InterVarsity Press; Judson Press; Kregel Publications; Moody Publishers; NavPress; Discovery House; Thomas Nelson; Tyndale House; Urban Ministries, Inc.; and Zondervan.

The Story Begins

Our Accomplishments




1984  The first Summit on Black Church Development held at William Tyndale College, Farmington, Michigan.
1984  Billy Graham Center Archives start gathering oral interviews of Summit Group leaders. There are 20 in the archives.
1987  Summit leaders collaborate on “Consultation on the Black Family,” hosted by World Vision in Monrovia, California.
1988  Summit leaders collaborate on Atlanta ’88: Congress on Evangelizing Black America. 1000 delegates came from 10 countries.
1988  Matthew Parker and Summit Group leaders incorporate The Institute for Black Family Development as an independent 501(c)(3). Funding for the first five years provided by Focus on the Family, Prison Fellowship and World Vision, Inc.
1989  Stanley Gundry of Zondervan Corporationstart publishing relations with Summit Group leaders and leaders from the African American community.
2000  Greg Thornton of Moody Publishers and Institute for Black Family Development start Lift Every Voice, an imprint for the African American market.
2006  Summit Group leaders start the Detroit Partnership, a collaboration of city and suburban pastors.
2007  Larry Carter of Great Lakes Christian College and Institute for Black Family Development start Associate of Arts in Family Life Education.
2011  Willow Creek Association and The Summit Group to collaborate on DVDs purchase of Global Leadership Summits.
2011  Dennis Hillman of Kregel Publications and Parker Books to collaborate on African American publications.
2012  Radio Bible Class Ministries and The Summit Group to collaborate on diversity.
2012  African Christian Fellowship, Inc. and The Summit Group enteragreement to collaborate on Uganda Hope Child Sponsorship

Program and Joint Projects



2012  Carver College in Atlanta, Georgia, to house the Matthew Parker Summit Group Collection. The Collection will have books, CDs, DVDs and articles from Summit Group leaders for research, scholarship and reference.
2013  Grace College and Seminary and Detroit Bible Institute collaborate on Associate of Arts degrees for traditional and nontraditional students.
2013  Summit 2013: Global Forum on Leadership hosted by Cornerstone University. Delegates from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South American in attendance.

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