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Parent Organization

The Parker Family

The Parker Organization LLC

It all began... 
...on November 14, 1945 when Matt Parker and Ruth Parker gave birth to Matthew Parker in Cincinnati, Ohio. His Grandparents were Betsy Nettle Parker McWilliams and Jake Parker.
The Legacy Continues...
Matthew Parker, with over 35 combined years of on-the-job experience with advanced academic credentials in leadership, after earning a Bible Diploma from Grand Rapids School of Bible and Music, a Sociology Degree from Wheaton College, and a Masters in Educational Administration from the University of Detroit, and Doctor of Divinity from Carver College has become a leader in training, networking, and resourcing African American Leaders.
Accomplishments & Acknowledgements
Parker’s gift of administration, teaching and networking relationships with authors, Christian colleges, Christian organizations, churches, consultants, foundations, pastors, publishers, trainers, banks, health agencies, associations, denominations, and volunteers has equipped, mentored and coached over one million people. These relationships have led to over 50 million dollars in revenues from books, grants, products, training, sponsorships and in-kind contributions. Also, 35 Christian organizations, Churches and Programs have been started; and Parker is thankful for the foundation that was established by his parents, Matt & Ruth Parker, and the Mentorship of Barbara Walton, Lloyd Blue & Tom Skinner
The Time Has Arrived
In 2010, Matthew Parker established The Parker Organization, LLC which now serves as the umbrella organization for the various training, networking and mentoring initiatives, which he has developed.
The Parker Organization, LLC was established as a result of several leaders who want to see his principles passed on to the next generation… 
  • To carry on the legacy of Matthew Parker and the great African American Christian leaders…            …whose shoulders we all stand on…
    Creating a succession of Christian leaders in Parker’s family, local churches, and the broader Christian community in the world



  • To give a historical perspective of African American Christian leaders
  • To provide management tools and skills for healthy development
  • To help the participants develop the skills necessary for cross-cultural dynamics and communication
  • To provide gift assessment, goal setting, and personal & organizational strategic planning
  • To provide training in fund and resource development
  • To provide the tools for program development & management 
  • To help develop problem-solving & critical thinking skills
1. Parker Books
2. The African American Church Research Journal
3. The Summit Group
To provide training, networking, and resources for a succession of leaders in churches, Christian organizations, and the marketplace.Matthew Parker Jr., Managing Partner
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